The U.S. Naval Institute is maintaining and preserving the former Naval Historical Foundation website so readers and former NHF members can still access past issues of Pull Together and other content. NHF has decommissioned and is no longer accepting new members or donations. NHF members are being converted to members of the Naval Institute. If you have questions, please contact the Naval Institute via email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-233-8764.Not a member of the Naval Institute? Here’s how to join!
NHF Office

Naval Historical Foundation, located at Washington Navy Yard in building 57

Naval Historical Foundation Staff:

Executive Director: RADM Edward “Sonny” Masso, USN (Ret.)

Executive Assistant: GySgt Harold Bryant, USMC (Ret.)

Historian: Dr. David F. Winkler, CDR, USNR (Ret.)



Naval Historical Foundation
PO BOX 15304
Washington, DC 20003


Naval Historical Foundation
1306 Dahlgren Avenue, SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5055

Telephone: (202) 678-4333

Email: [email protected]


The Naval Historical Foundation is located in building 57 at the historic Washington Navy Yard in southeast Washington, DC. The building meets at the intersection of Dahlgren Ave. and Kidder Breese St. and is located in the same building as the Naval History and Heritage Command. Guests are advised to enter and exit at the 11th and O St. gate illustrated below.

*Please note that Navy security restrictions limit visitors’ access to the Navy Yard and thus to the Naval Historical Foundation. While we warmly welcome our Foundation members, Navy veterans, and any member of the American public interested in our navy heritage, we strongly recommend you call ahead to the Foundation staff before planning a visit to our offices, so that we may assure your access through the Navy Yard Security Department.