The U.S. Naval Institute is maintaining and preserving the former Naval Historical Foundation website so readers and former NHF members can still access past issues of Pull Together and other content. NHF has decommissioned and is no longer accepting new members or donations. NHF members are being converted to members of the Naval Institute. If you have questions, please contact the Naval Institute via email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-233-8764.Not a member of the Naval Institute? Here’s how to join!

Air Force Historical Foundation (AFHF)

Founded in 1953, the AFHF is dedicated to “preserving the history and traditions of American aviation, with emphasis on the U.S. Air Force, its predecessor organizations, and the men and women whose lives and dreams were devoted to flight.” The Foundation’s primary activities include a quarterly journal Air Power History, a book program, a biennial symposium and an awards program. The NHF has co-hosted past symposia.

Army Historical Foundation (AHF)

Established in 1983, AHF is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of the American Soldier. Preserve the Heritage… Educate the Future — summarizes its mission. AHF is actively engaged in supporting the National Museum of the United States Army by carrying out a major capital campaign. Besides supporting the Capital Campaign, AHF funding helps to refurbish historical Army buildings, acquire and conserve Army historical art and artifacts, support Army history educational programs, research, and publication of historical materials on the American soldiers.

Association of Naval Aviation (ANA)

The mission of ANA is to educate the general public about the overall military status of the United States, to encourage widespread interest as to the importance of Naval Aviation in the defense of the United States and its allies, to stimulate the collection, preservation and display of historical material concerning the history of naval aviation, and to encourage scientific and technical development of naval aviation.  Projects NHF and ANA partner on include sponsorship of the annual Battle of Midway Dinner in the National Capital Region.

Association of the U.S. Navy (AUSN)

The former Naval Reserve Association has expanded its mission to be an advocacy organization for active duty personnel as well as Navy Reservists and desires to work with the Naval Historical Foundation as well as the Navy Memorial to enhance history and heritage content for its media. The organization is joining with the NHF and National Capital Council of the Navy League to host the Washington DC-area Navy Birthday Celebration dinner.

CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation (CEC/SHF)

Founded in 1991, the CEC/SHF has a purpose to ensure the proud heritage and rich history of the Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps and the Navy’s military construction force, the Seabees, are properly documented, preserved and maintained.  The CEC/SHF supports the work of the CEC/Seabee Museum which is located at the Seabee base at Port Hueneme, California.

Library of Congress (LOC)

Over ten years ago the Library of Congress initiated the Veterans History Program. This is the largest grass-roots oral history collection effort in history and so far the collection has over 15,000 former Sailor recollections archived and indexed. These are typically one hour interviews discussing combat-related situations. NHF is a partner in the program and our interviews up to 2004 are included in their online database. The LOC Manuscript Division since the 1940’s has housed the NHF manuscript collections. In 1998 these collections were deeded to the U.S. government.

Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation (HRNHF)

HRNHF was incorporated in 1983 to assist in the collection and preservation of antiquities relating to the United States Navy, primarily concerning the Hampton Roads area and the immediate surroundings. HRNHF cooperates with and supports the United States Navy in maintaining and operating the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. Located in Norfolk, Virginia, it is one of the Navy’s twelve official museums, and is the permanent berth of the retired Iowa-Class Battleship, USS Wisconsin.

Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA)

An international organization founded in 1966, HNSA supports the efforts of local groups to preserve historic naval ships – of which over 120 are on display in the United States alone.  For many Americans, these ships serve as a primary bridge to naval history with millions of visitors walking on their decks. HNSA has an annual meeting to discuss common issues involving fundraising, preservation, and other issues. An NHF representative attends board meeting in Annapolis and annual meeting, is an associate member of this organization and has been working closely with HNSA and others to develop a positive outcome for Olympia. In addition, the NHF maintains good working relations with many of the member ships such as Midway and Hornet in California, and the SS John W. Brown in Baltimore.

International Journal of Naval History (IJNH)

IJNH is an online academic peer-review journal that publishes scholarly articles and book reviews.  Founded in 2001, IJNH is underwritten by the NHF.

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation (MCHF)

Since 1979, the MCHF supports the historical programs of the Marine Corps in ways that might not otherwise be available through appropriated funds. In 1999, the Foundation’s mission was expanded to include the planning and development of the new National Museum of the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Heritage Center. Given the NHF’s support for the National Museum of the United States Navy, the MCHF has been an important source for guidance on issues ranging for exhibit design, museum gift ship operation, and fundraising.

The Mariners’ Museum (TMM)

Located in Newport News, VA, TMM recently completed a 60,000 sq. foot Monitor Center that displays the remains of that historic warship and provides interpretive exhibits. Over the years the TMM and NHF have cooperated on numerous projects and NHF promotes TMM lectures on its long-term calendar.

National Civil War Naval Museum (NCWNM)

Located in historic Columbus, Georgia on the Chattahoochee Intra-Coastal Waterway, NCWNM is dedicated to telling the complete naval story of the American Civil War. From the ironclads to steam and sailing ships to the first successful submarines, NCWNM has gone to great extent to raise, recover and preserve the military and technological advances of the American Civil War navies.

National Maritime Historical Society (NMHS)

Founded in 1963, the Society is a not-for-profit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of our nation’s maritime heritage and the role seafaring has played in shaping civilization, through publications, educational programs, sail training and the preservation of historic ships. The organization has 20,000 members who receive Sea History magazine 10x a year. The NMHS holds annual awards dinners in New York and Washington. The NHF supports the Washington dinner effort and the two organizations cooperate on other projects such as Maritime Heritage Conferences and War of 1812 Bicentennial commemorations.

National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN)

Located at Portsmouth, England, the NMRN tells the story of the Royal Navy. The NHF works with the NMRN to promote its symposiums and other programs to an American audience.

Naval Aviation Museum Foundation (NAMF)

Since its founding in 1966, the NAMF has raised tens of millions of dollars to fund construction of the National Naval Aviation Museum; recovery and restoration of historic aircraft; development and expansion of museum exhibits; and a host of educational programs designed “to Inspire and Educate” by teaching the history of Naval Aviation and the principles of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) via the challenges of human flight. The NAMF’s success in educational outreach has provided models for NHF work to support the National Museum of the United States Navy in Washington.

Naval Order of the United States (NOUS)

Founded in 1890, the Order’s “charge” is to encourage research and writing on naval and maritime subjects and to promote the preservation of historic artifacts and memories of our naval and maritime history.  In addition, the Naval Order is also a “fraternal” Order.  Commemoration of major naval history events is a core mission. NHF helps coordinate Washington DC camaraderie activities such as the 7 December dinner.

Naval Submarine League (NSL)

A professional and advocacy organization for the U.S. Navy’s submarine force, NSL did the initial fundraising and supported installation of the Fast Attacks and Boomers exhibit at the Smithsonian American History Museum in 2000 and that exhibit’s reinstallation at the U.S. Navy Museum’s Cold War Gallery as Covert Submarine Operations.  In addition, the two organizations co-host an annual history seminar in conjunction with the submarine force’s mid-April birthday.

Naval Undersea Museum Foundation (NUMF)

Established in 1980, the NUMF provides financial support through fundraising campaigns to build and support the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, WA.  For many years the NHF provided administrative support for an NUMF office that was located at the Washington Navy Yard.

Naval War College Foundation (NWCF)

Created in 1969 and located in Newport, RI, the NWCF enriches and further enhances Naval War College programs as defense dollars diminish and the need for officers educated in international security affairs increases.  These programs range from faculty research, curriculum development, and endowing academic chairs to nationally recognized speakers for the evening lecture series, academic awards for student achievement, and document and artifact acquisition for the library and Naval War College Museum.

North American Society of Oceanic History (NASOH)

Founded in 1973 to provide a forum for maritime history and remains actively devoted to the study and promotion of naval and maritime history. NASOH also houses the U.S. Commission on Maritime History which is a constituent member of the International Commission on Maritime History. Along with the Canadian Nautical Research Society, NASOH co-sponsors publication of The Northern Mariner/ Le Marin du Nord, a quarterly journal of maritime history scholarship that includes navy history. The NHF is active in promoting naval history literature produced by the organization.

Purdue University Northwest (PNW)

In the late 1990s PNW’s Center for Science and Technology Education developed “Mission Ocean” Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum that has been used in junior high schools in several mid-western states. Supported by Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) “Mission Ocean” incorporates a simulated submarine mission into the curriculum.  With Northern Virginia schools adopting the curriculum, the NHF looks forward to supporting classroom visits to the Navy Museum for the curriculum’s final exercise.

Society for Military History (SMH)

Established in 1933 as the American Military History Foundation, renamed in 1939 the American Military Institute, and renamed again in 1990 the Society for Military History, the Society is devoted to stimulating and advancing the study of military history. Its membership (today more than 2300) has included many of the nation’s most prominent scholars, soldiers, and citizens interested in military history. The Journal For Military History publishes articles that include navy history.  The 2012 meeting is slated to be in Washington DC which the NHF will assist the Army Historical Foundation which has agreed to host the event.

Society of Sponsors of the United States Navy (SOSUSN)

The Society of Sponsors of the United States Navy is composed of women who have taken part in the time honored tradition of christening a ship to be commissioned in the United States Navy, or a ship that sails with the Navy, supporting the fleet in some specific way. The Naval Historical Foundation has partnered with the Society of Sponsors to bring the story of their important mission to the web. In early 2011, a new website was launched for the Society, and is hosted by the Foundation.

Star Spangled 200

The mission of the Maryland War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission is to stimulate and coordinate investment in the commemoration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812 for maximum benefit to Marylanders. The bicentennial is a one-time chance to elevate Maryland globally as a premier location to live, work and visit, and to increase economic opportunities for Marylanders.

Submarine Force Library and Museum Association Inc. (SFLMA)

SFLMA was formed in 1972 to support a Submarine Force Library and Museum that came to Submarine Base New London in 1964.  With arrival of USS Nautilus (SSN 571), in the 1980s the SFLMA Executive Board recognized the significant advantages that would accrue to co-locating the Library and Museum with this historic ship and a successful capital campaign brought this idea to fruition.  SFLMA has been a helpful resource for NHF educational outreach efforts.

Surface Navy Association (SNA)

A professional and advocacy organization for the U.S. Navy’s surface navy force, the SNA has an annual history seminar at its annual January symposium, and has sponsored several historical videos. The NHF cooperates and supports these efforts and generates historical content for the organization’s Surface SitRep newsletter.

Tailhook Association (TA)

TA is an independent, fraternal, nonprofit organization that fosters, encourages, develops, studies, and supports the aircraft carrier, sea-based aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing, and aircrews of the United States; and educates and informs the public in the appropriate role of the aircraft carrier and carrier aviation in the nation’s defense system. Projects NHF and TA partner on include sponsorship of the annual Battle of Midway Dinner in the National Capital Region.

U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation (USNAAA&F)

An organization that strives to connect with graduates and generate funding to provide an added level of excellence to the USNA, the USNAAA&F supports a biennial McMullen Naval History Symposium that attracts leading naval historians as well as the Naval Academy Museum.  The NHF has worked to promote the McMullen Naval History Symposium and has been contracted by the USNAAA&F to support renovations of Navy Marine Corps Memorial stadiums with historical content.

U.S. Naval Institute (USNI)

Founded in 1875, USNI provided seed money for NHF in 1926. It publishes the magazine Naval History six times per year, and the organization has a blog at NHF members are frequent contributors. The Naval Institute Press is the leading publisher of naval history monographs including Admiral Holloway’s Aircraft Carriers at War and Dr. Winkler’s Amirs, Admirals and Desert Sailors. Naval Institute Press books frequently receive positive reviews in the NHF Naval History Book Reviews e-letter to its membership. NHF staff maintains excellent relations with USNI staff. Past cooperation includes the co-sponsorship of history conferences and NHF support for the USNI Oral History program.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation (NMF)

Created to build a memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation’s capital, the NMF accomplished its mission in 1987 and turned the memorial over to the park service and then built a Naval Heritage Center in a leased space adjacent to the memorial. The mission of the United States Navy Memorial is to honor the men and women of the United States Navy – past, present, and future.  The NMF is building a robust website to engage reunion groups, veterans.  The auditorium has hosted many NHF organized symposia.  President of each organization sit on boards of other.

USS Constitution Museum (USSCM)

Opened in 1976 in the Charlestown Navy Yard adjacent to USS Constitution, USSCM is operated by a non-profit organization that seeks to educate Americans about the historic frigate and the era she served.  USSCM joins with NHF as partners in the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemoration.