The U.S. Naval Institute is maintaining and preserving the former Naval Historical Foundation website so readers and former NHF members can still access past issues of Pull Together and other content. NHF has decommissioned and is no longer accepting new members or donations. NHF members are being converted to members of the Naval Institute. If you have questions, please contact the Naval Institute via email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-233-8764.Not a member of the Naval Institute? Here’s how to join!

ADM HollowayThe Admiral James L. Holloway III Society (Holloway Society) has been established by the Naval Historical Foundation (NHF) to recognize individuals that donate or formally pledge to give $100,000 or more to NHF. New Holloway Society members, those who have already donated $100,000 or more, and those who complete or exceed the full $100,000 contribution within five years of the Society’s launch will be considered Founding members. This special group of donors will provide direct support for NHF’s mission to:

Preserve and Honor the Legacy of Those Who Came Before
Educate and Inspire Those Who Will Follow

The Holloway Society will form the nucleus of major donor support for the Naval Historical Foundation. It is named in honor of Admiral James L. Holloway III, a highly decorated four-star Admiral whose combat expertise during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, and his public service after naval retirement, qualify him as a true modern day American naval hero. Admiral Holloway served as Chief of Naval Operations from 1974-1978, during the challenging Cold War chapter in U.S. military history. Following his retirement from active duty, Admiral Holloway served as President of NHF from 1980-1998, and ten more years as Chairman, before being elected Chairman Emeritus in 2008. Admiral Holloway’s outstanding Navy career and his 28 years of service to NHF serve as an inspiring example of leadership and dedication to advance our mission to educate new generations of naval history enthusiasts and inspire those who can learn from his example of achievement and service to the Navy.

Benefits of Joining the Holloway Society:

  • Participation in a unique leadership group of individuals dedicated to advancing the mission of the Naval Historical Foundation and assuring its bright future
  • Prominent recognition on a Holloway Society member plaque located in the Navy Museum
  • Recognition in the Foundation’s Annual Report, Pull Together, and on NHF websites
  • Invitation to a special Holloway Society annual event
  • Presentation of a Holloway Society special edition Foundation signature Truxtun Bowl
  • Invitations to special Navy Museum exhibit previews and Foundation events nationwide

Founding Members of the Holloway Society:

Dr. Dean C. and Mrs. Connie Allard
Mr. Robert C. and Mrs. Terrye Bellas, Jr.
Mr. Martin J. Bollinger
Mr. John K. Castle
Admiral and Mrs. Bruce DeMars
Admiral Thomas B. Hayward
Admiral and Mrs. James L. Holloway III
Mr. and Mrs. David Trent Leighton
Dr. J. Phillip and Dr. Jennifer London
Mr. Corbin A. McNeill
Ambassador J. William Middendorf II
Rear Admiral John T. Mitchell
Mr. Mandell J. Ourisman
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Victoria Wallace
Mr. William H. White

We encourage those who are interested in learning more about the Holloway Society to contact us. Please direct your inquires to NHF Executive Director Captain Todd Creekman at 202-678-4333 or email him at [email protected].