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About Navy Art Reproductions:

As imaging technology has advanced and funds have become available, the Navy Art Collection curators have systematically contracted for the creation of high resolution digital images of the 20,000 plus artworks within the collection.

With generous grant support from the Cincinnati Financial Group, the Naval Historical Foundation was able to fund digitization of 615 of the 1,785 artworks comprising the NACAL collection.  These images have been uploaded to our site HERE.

Questions about obtaining high-resolution digital files of any of these artworks may be directed to the Navy Art Collection curators at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC.  They can be contacted Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm at 202-433-3815 or by email at [email protected]

Museum-quality fine art reproductions for these images and others in the Navy Art Collection are available from Rudinec & Associates – RequestAPrint through their online searchable database and ordering site.  Rudinec and Associates is not a part of the Naval Historical Foundation or the US Navy and they are totally responsible for orders placed on their site.  The Naval Historical Foundation benefits from every sale.

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To view more background information on the U.S. Navy Art Collection Digitization grant program, go to the NACAL Navy Art Homepage HERE.

As a companion to the full list of images included on this site, a spreadsheet with each piece’s Navy Art accession numbers can be found by clicking this link: NHF NACAL Photography Complete