The U.S. Naval Institute is maintaining and preserving the former Naval Historical Foundation website so readers and former NHF members can still access past issues of Pull Together and other content. NHF has decommissioned and is no longer accepting new members or donations. NHF members are being converted to members of the Naval Institute. If you have questions, please contact the Naval Institute via email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-233-8764.Not a member of the Naval Institute? Here’s how to join!

2014 “The Navy” Art Calendar

The 2014 Naval Historical Foundation “The Navy” art calendar is now available for purchase. It features artwork covering 239 years of Navy and Marines Corps action. The calendar is a tribute to the men and women who have fought to protect our nation, to deter aggression, and to maintain freedom of the seas. It also lists significant events in naval history each month. Find out how to get your copy here.

Directory of Naval Historians

Given the scope of knowledgeable individuals in the field of naval history, the Naval Historical Foundation seeks to assemble a useable database that can be shared on an “as-needed” basis. We intend to maintain it as an internal “living” document that is continuously updated.  To find out more, or to add your name to the list, please visit the Directory of Naval Historians page.

History Pamphlets

Throughout the Foundation’s long existence, we’ve published a large number of pamphlets on a wide variety of topics in naval history. We began publishing our pamphlet series in 1964. In total, nearly three dozen pamphlets were published, and we continue to republish selected copies as needed. We intend to scan and publish other pamphlets, which will be available for the first time online. Learn more here.

International Journal of Naval History

The Foundation provides support the International Journal of Naval History (IJNH), a forum for works of naval history researched and written to demonstrable academic standards. Please visit our IJNH page to learn more.

Naval History Book Reviews

The Naval Historical Foundation runs a thriving book reviews program, with reviews published electronically under Naval History Book Reviews. Learn more here.


The Foundation regularly publishes both print and electronic newsletters for distribution to its members. To learn more, please visit our Newsletters page.

U.S. Navy Heritage Mini-Series

The Naval Historical Foundation produced the “U.S. Navy Heritage Mini-series” video segments in 2002 and donated their use to the Navy, where they were a part of General Military Training and Recruit Training Command programs at Great Lakes, IL. The project enhanced Sailors’ overall understanding and appreciation of the Navy’s rich history and heritage, contributing to a sense of teamwork and unit identity. These videos can now be viewed on our website here.