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RADM Mitchell Education:

BA and BS in Electrical Engineering – Rice University – 1964
MS in Physics – Naval Post Graduate School – 1970

U.S. Navy Career (1964-1994):

1964 – 1966 USS Columbus (CG 12)
-Tartar and Talos Missile Batteries

1966 – 1968 NAVPRO Sunnyvale Polaris/Poseidon Programs
-Nuclear Weapons Effects and Vulnerability

1968 – 1970 Naval Postgraduate School

1970 – 1974 Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
-Combat Systems Offices
-Shipyard Closure Manager

1974 – 1976 Royal Australian Navy Garden Island Dockyard
-Combat Systems Programs

1976 – 1978 Engineering Duty Officer School
-Assistant Director for Combat Systems

1978 – 1981 NAVPRO Sunnyvale Poseidon/Trident Programs
-Engineering Officer

1981 – 1994 Strategic Systems Programs Poseidon/Trident I/Trident II Programs
-Missile Branch Head
-Technical Director

CINCSTRAT – Strategic Advisors Group
Navy Theater Missile Defense Program – Director

Post-Navy Career:

1994 – 2006 Bechtel National, Inc
-Senior Project Manager
-Senior Vice President
-General Manager – Nevada Test Site
-General Manager – Y-12 HEU Plant
-General Manager – Yucca Mountain Project
-Deputy Director – Los Alamos National Laboratory

Board of Directors – Pantex Plant
Board of Directors – Savannah River Plant
Board of Directors – Idaho National Laboratory
Board of Directors – Bettis National Laboratory
Board of Directors – Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

Naval Historical Foundation:

2010 – Board of Directors
2012 – President