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The Superintendent’s Annual Leadership and Vision Award, Voices of Maritime History, promotes the study and interpretation of the lessons of naval history to address today’s maritime challenges, combining scholarly review and oral presentations with the advancement of new perspectives and innovative thought leadership in public forums.

Sponsored by the late Dr. J. Phillip London and administered by the Naval Historical Foundation (NHF), the Award is intended to promote potential new naval perspectives, narratives, tactics, investments, adoption of innovative technologies and capabilities including public education and interests in the maritime environment, freedom of the seas or productivity of the ocean

Read on to learn about topics, eligibility, submission requirements, selection criteria, the selection process and recognition and awards.

Subjects may include the incorporation of innovative technologies and a broad spectrum of maritime challenges, such as vulnerabilities, countering adversary capabilities, freedom of the seas, avoiding incidents at sea, economic trade, the ecology of the seas, maritime laws and treaties, incorporating new innovations, US Naval supremacy and allied/coalition requirements. These are just a few examples.


Submission Requirements

  • Paper/presentation may be on any topic or subject described above
  • Papers must include an executive summary
  • Top three finalists will be required to present paper orally before a panel of judges
  • Papers must not be longer than 15 typed pages, double-spaced including the executive summary
  • Use AP or Chicago style, 1” margins and 11-point font
  • Include footnotes as appropriate
  • Click here to submit paper electronically by 18 February 2022.

Selection Criteria

  • Ability to demonstrate scholarly thought in writing
  • Ability to orally present paper in a public forum (top three finalists only)
  • Ability to inspire, advocate and educate in public venues
  • Creativity in selecting a topic that addresses a current need
  • Ability to demonstrate the connection to and value of naval history to address today’s maritime challenges

Selection Process
The Selection Committee will include civilian community leaders, retired and active naval officers, and naval historians. They will review the written submissions and select the top three candidates. These finalists will then prepare an oral presentation of no more than 15 minutes for the Committee. Once the presentations are completed, the winner and the second and third place recipients will be selected. 

Recognition & Awards
1st Prize:
Present paper at the Awards Dinner
Executive Summary printed in NHF’s quarterly publication, Pull Together
Research paper published on our website
Research paper published online in the International Journal of Navy History

2nd Prize:
Recognition at the Awards Dinner
Research paper published online in the International Journal of Navy History

3rd Prize:
Recognition at the Awards Dinner
Research paper published online in the International Journal of Navy History

Please contact the Naval Historical Foundation at [email protected]


1st Place: Midshipman Jennifer Sun

“Simulation Integrity in Fleet Problem IX”

2nd Place:

3rd Place:


1st Place: Midshipman Joseph Bunyard

Network Survivability in the Age of Great Power Competition

2nd Place:

3rd Place:


1st Place: Midshipman Anthony Perry

“Quelling Lawless Seas- 21st Century Barbary War: Lessons Learned From 1801 and Application to Current Cyber War”

2nd Place: Midshipman Anthony Iannacone

3rd Place: Midshipman G.I. Heinemann


1st Place: Midshipman William Moore

“Privateering and Cyberspace”

2nd Place:

3rd Place: