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Medal of Honor Recipient Hudner Visits Cold War Gallery

Captain Thomas Hudner, USN (Ret.) holds the Corsair model he sponsored for the Cold War Gallery.

Captain Thomas J. Hudner, Jr., USN (Ret.) and a contingent of colleagues honored the Cold War Gallery with a visit on 28 July. Captain Hudner generously sponsored the creation of a model F4U-5 Corsair for display in the Cold War Gallery. This Corsair is modeled after the aircraft he flew in 1950 during his heroic attempt to rescue Ensign Jesse L. Brown in Korea earning him the Medal of Honor.  A program sponsored by the Library of Congress’ Veterans History program and held at the Navy Memorial honoring Ensign Brown, a pioneer African-American naval aviator, brought Captain Hudner to the DC area, and opened this opportunity for him to view the Corsair model and Cold War Gallery for the first time. For additional information regarding Captain Hudner, please visit the please visit the Naval History and Heritage Command website. Joining Captain Hudner at the Gallery was Commander Roland M. Christensen, USN (Ret.). Commander Christensen was Ensign Brown’s first Flight Instructor at Naval Air Station, Glenview.

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