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Call for Proposals for the Adams-Collins Dissertation Prize 2012-13

adams_center_military_historyThe John A. Adams ‘71 Center
Military History and Strategic Analysis
Department of History
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, Virginia 24450

For the academic year 2012-13, the John A. Adams ’71 Center for Military History and Strategic Analysis at the Virginia Military Institute will offer a grant to support dissertation research in the history of the U.S. military during the Cold War era. Entitled the Adams – Collins Dissertation Prize, the award of $3000 recognizes the generosity of VMI alumni John A. Adams and George Collins, Jr., in furthering Cold War studies.

The inaugural winner of the Adams-Collins Dissertation Prize last year was Mr. Faith Tokatli of Istanbul, Turkey who is writing about “Turkish-American Military Cooperation and Transformation of Turkish Military in the Cold War, 1947-1954.”

To be considered, eligible graduate students should submit a brief proposal delineating their doctoral research, its relevance to the U.S. military during the Cold War, a proposed time-line, and their credentials.

Deadline for submissions:  31 March 2012

Direct materials electronically to:
Dr. Jim Adams, Director
[email protected]

Please visit the John A. Adams ’71 Center for Military History website for more information.

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