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Naval Historical Foundation Railcar Trip

On 9 November 2011 long-time NHF member retired Chief Journalist Ty Robbins hosted Foundation Vice President, Rear Admiral Jerry Holland, Executive Director Captain Todd Creekman, and members Captain Jim Bryant, Ed Finney and his wife Daisy on a day-long journey aboard “Navy 118” a former Union Pacific Railroad office car, built by Pullman in 1914, that Robbins has restored and maintained for over a decade.  Hooked to the end of an Amtrak Northeast Corridor Washington to Newport News passenger train for the round trip jaunt, the group was met in Newport News by NHF member and Mariners’ Museum President, Dr. Bill Cogar.  Following lunch at the museum, Cogar gave the NHF party a personal tour of the USS Monitor Center that tells the story of that fabled ironclad’s creation, battle with CSS Virginia, loss off Cape Hatteras during the Civil War, and recovery by Navy divers. With the 150th anniversary of the Monitor-Virginia battle just four months away, the Mariners’ Museum (in addition to displaying this world class exhibit which features the Monitor’s turret, guns engine and other artifacts still undergoing conservation) will host a Civil War Navy conference 9-11 March 2012.  Details of that conference and future opportunities for such rail car trips will be covered by the NHF’s WE-PULL TOGETHER e-letter.

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  1. mark a chapman

    Hey tye, its your old pal mark from john wolf co. Gauge world! How the hell are you? Haven’t seen you since the Barron was in town! That was a cool day! Nice rail car by the way! Summer is here, so you better stop by and see us! Send me an e mail when you get a chance, I have been pestering john to get a hold of you, I’ve been wanting to see the pictures of us and the Barron, that guy can be pretty worthless so I found you myself! Lol…… sincerely mark, gauge guy!

  2. Joseph Reid

    Mr. Robbins, my name is Joseph Reid. My father’s name is Joe Reid…I believe you two know each other. He was telling me stories of back in the day in Cleveland. He also told me that he hasn’t heard from you in awhile. If you have his number, you should give him a call. If not, email me and I can get it to you. My email is [email protected] . I really hope to hear from you, Chief!

  3. Judy Lowery

    Hello, I work for the Daily Press and would love to do a photo gallery and video of your train car, if it’s still local.

  4. Clarence Jaeger


    long time no talk too!!!!
    never hear from you anymore, lets see the last time we spoke was when you were taking the car to Washington DC back in 1991?
    drop me a line or give me a call…..still have a land line…

  5. Rock Bastianelli

    Hey Ty,
    Looking forward to your trip to Boston this fall , Michele and I really want you folks to join us for dinner at our home in Roslindale.Let me know the dates your coming last we spoke it was still up in the air.
    Rock & Michele

  6. Robert Richard

    Hey Ty,
    Moved out to Spokane in the old Hillyard neighborhood of course named after Mr Hill of the Great Northern RR, thought of you. That 3 star service to Chicago was superb, breakfast in America can’ be beat. All the best. RJR

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