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Don’t Forget to RSVP for 23 June NHF Annual Meeting!

We’ve sent out a few reminders, but we want to make sure everyone is aware that we’ll be holding the 2012 Naval Historical Foundation Annual Meeting on 23 June, at the Cold War Gallery, Washington Navy Yard. The event is open to NHF members as well as the general public. Of particular note, we’ll be cutting the ribbon on a brand new exhibit for the Navy Museum, “Into the Lion’s Den.” We’ve blogged quite a bit about this exhibit, which is centered around the reconstructed bridge of the armored cruiser USS Newport News (CA 148). The exhibit is nearing completion, and we’re really excited to flip the switch and hear (and feel!) the shake and roar of simulated naval gunfire during a night time battle in Haiphong Harbor.

We hope you can join us for the meeting, which will start at about 11:30AM. You can register for the event online here, and we’ve got a map of the Washington Navy Yard which shows the location of Building 70, the Cold War Gallery. And if the thought of a brand new museum exhibit isn’t enough to motivate you – we’ll also have free food!

NHF 2011 Annual Meeting

The Cold War Gallery will be the setting for the 2012 NHF Annual Meeting,

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