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Call for Papers: Panel on 19th Century US Navy Exploration

Naval Historical Foundation Director and author Andy Jampoler is developing a panel for the 2013 McMullen Naval History Symposium at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, 19-20 September 2013. The panel is tentatively titled “US Navy Exploration and Adventure at Sea in the 19th Century.”

Possible topics include:

  • the United States Exploring Expedition to the South Pacific, 1838-1842, led by Lieutenant Charles Wilkes
  • Captain William Lynch and his “Narrative of the United States’ Expedition to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea”
  • Commander William Lewis Herndon and the exploration of the Amazon
  • Lieutenant Emory Taunt and the U.S. Navy Congo River Expedition of 1885

If interested contact Andy Jampoler at

Agate Wilkes expedition 98-089-f

“Valley of Voona,” 1840 engraving by Alfred T. Agate during the Wilkes Expedition. Navy Art Collection 98-89-F

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