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For this installment of the Naval Historical Foundation’s Second Saturday Webinar Series, we examine Captain Edward L. “Ned” Beach and the impact of his legendary book, Run Silent Run Deep. Our program will open with presentations by Ned’s bride of many decades, Ingrid Beach, Captain James Bryant, and Dr. David Alan Rosenberg who will offer insightful discussion on the technical and historical context behind Run Silent Run Deep as well as an overview of the career of Captain Beach and his writing of the book while he served as the naval aide to President Eisenhower. Following the presentations, we will offer commentary from three well-known retired submariners who have familiarity with the Beach manuscript. They are:

Admiral Thomas B. Fargo. The former Commander of Pacific Command, Fargo once hosted cast-members for the movie Hunt For Red October on his submarine Salt Lake City and had a father who was a classmate of Ned Beach at the Naval Academy.

Vice Admiral Albert H. “Big Al” Konetzni Jr. Known as “Big Al, the Sailors Pal” Vice Admiral Konetzni once filled the shoes of Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood who commanded the U.S. submarine campaign against the Japanese Empire and also had command of an attack submarine.

Rear Admiral John B. Padgett III. The 30th Commander of Submarine Force U.S. Pacific Fleet filled Lockwood’s shoes as the commander of the Pacific Fleet submarine force and also adds the perspective of a former attack submarine commander.

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