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The Loss of the USS Thresher: What We Now Know – SECOND SATURDAY WEBINAR

Nearly 58 years ago the nuclear-powered submarine Thresher submerged east of Cape Cod never to surface.

In recent months the Navy has released hundreds of pages from the Navy Court of Inquiry hearings held subsequent to the tragic loss of Thresher and her crew.

Join us for our March Second Saturday with retired Captain James Bryant, Stephen Walsh, Norman Friedman and Norman Polmar who will offer analysis on the causes of Thresher’s demise.      

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  1. Randall Cheney

    Why couldn’t the Variation of MCP frequency for 2 minutes be related to setting up to shift the Electric Plant to a half power line up. The +/- 12 to 18 RPM’s stated equate to about 59.7 to 60.3 HZ ) :F=NP/120: Also, the “900 NORTH” communication never made sense to me that the Thresher was 900 feet below Test Depth. I immediately thought they were 900 feet UP from test depth or 400 feet below the surface.

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