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Call for Papers: The Falklands War 30 Years On

National Museum of the Royal Navy logoCALL FOR PAPERS
The Falklands War 30 years on.
A one day conference at the
National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth
19 May 2012

This conference will provide new, early career and established scholars the opportunity to present new research and perspectives on the 1982 Falklands Conflict. It will focus on the war at and from the sea.

The conference will welcome paper proposals which cover any aspect of the maritime conflict from the perspectives of Britain, Argentina or neutral states. Areas of particular interest to the conference include; war memory, veterans’ issues, the use of maritime airpower, amphibious warfare and amphibious forces including Marines, submarine warfare, the legacy of the conflict (including corporate responses to the conflict and lessons learned), domestic, social and cultural issues.

Anyone wishing to submit a paper proposal should send a 300 word abstract and a 1 page CV to the Conference Director, Dr Duncan Redford at:

[email protected]
The National Museum of the Royal Navy
HM Naval Base (PP66)

Or Ms Vicki Woodman: [email protected]

Closing date for proposals 1 December 2011

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