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Call for Papers: Britain and the Sea

Britain and the Sea: The Maritime Sphere and the Past, Present and Future of the UK

This conference will examine the relationship between Great Britain and the Sea.  It is increasingly said that Britain is in danger of losing its self-identity as a maritime nation at the point when the sea becomes the focus for a new era of economic exploitation, sustainable transportation and inter-state rivalry.   How did we arrive at this point, where are we now and where should we go from here to ensure the maritime future of the UK?

The conference will be held 4-5 September 2012 in the Roland Levinsky Building at Plymouth University, Plymouth, United Kingdom. The full line up and programme for the conference will be announced after Easter, but it will consist of three elements: 1. Keynote speeches; 2. Plenary discussion; 3. Invited papers.

In line with item 3, short academic papers (20 minutes in duration) are invited to illustrate and explore the following issues/areas of concern.

How did we arrive at this point? – British Culture and the Sea

– How has Britain’s maritime identity been shaped by artists, writers, historians and others?

How did we arrive at this point? – Government Policy Towards the Sea?

– Where have Governments got it right/got it wrong with regard to UK fishing industry/boat and ship building/shipping industry/the Royal Navy/offshore extraction/marine conservation and environment/maritime heritage?

– How have external bodies such as the EU, IMO and others complicated UK

Government policy towards the Sea?

Where are we now? – Threats and Opportunities

– What threats and opportunities face the UK in terms of our economic, environmental and cultural relationships with the sea?

Where should we go from here?

– How is Britain’s Maritime Future to be secured?

– What kind of diplomatic and defence policies do we need to pursue?

Please send a short abstract of your paper (no more than 500 words) and a current CV to conference organiser Dr G.H. Bennett ([email protected]) to arrive no later than 15 April, 2012.  Selections will be made on the basis of balance and significance.  Conference fees including catering, but excluding accommodation, will be £75 per person for the two days.

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