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Sub Exhibit at Cold War Gallery Formally Accepted by Under SECNAV

In a letter to Foundation President VADM Robert F. Dunn, USN (Ret), dated 21 March 2012, Undersecretary of the Navy Robert O. Work formally accepted the Covert Submarine Operations exhibit in the Cold War Gallery on behalf of the Department of the Navy. Construction of this exhibit was completed in 2011 by Design and Production, Inc., with funds raised by the Naval Historical Foundation. The completed exhibit was then gifted to the Navy by the Foundation. In his letter, Undersecretary Work asked the Foundation to “convey my personal appreciation and gratitude to the members of the Foundation for their support of this worthy project commemorating the Navy’s contribution to the Cold War.”

We echo Undersecretary Work’s thanks and praise of our members. Our members continue to be the backbone of our efforts to build exhibits in the Cold War Gallery. We ask that you consider supporting our 2012 exhibit construction project, “Into the Lion’s Den,” with donations accepted on our Fundly page. And if you haven’t already seen the high resolution images, videos, and 360 degree panoramas of the Covert Submarine Operations exhibit, be sure to check them out at

Sub Exhibit

Covert Submarine Operations Exhibit at the Cold War Gallery

Sub Exhibit attack center

Covert Submarine Operations Exhibit at the Cold War Gallery

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