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Victory Without Peace

Imagine chaos raging from France through Germany that surrounded the end of the slaughter on the Western Front in the fall of 1918. Or the new rounds of killings that accompanied the revolution in Russia through 1924 and engulfed the Baltic States, ravaged Poland and ripped East Prussia from Berlin. As well, the privation of

Pacific War in Color: Episode 4 — The Enemy Underground

Episode Four-The Enemy Underground As Episode Four begins, it’s 1944 and the allies’ war effort is at full throttle.  Better training, increased troop numbers and secure supply lines give the allies the upper hand over the Japanese.  Historic color naval combat films are enhanced by the voices of the men that fought these battles. Departing

Pacific War in Color: Episode 3 — Island Hopping

Episode Three-Island Hopping A bold new strategy, island hopping, unfolds in the Central Pacific theater.  Tarawa is chosen as the first large-scale amphibious assault with this untried strategy.  All participants have been trained, but few have been bloodied.  Rare color film footage takes the viewer behind the scenes as the strategy is developed and implemented,

Pacific War in Color: Episode 2 — Shockwaves

Episode Two-Shockwaves The entire Pacific region is beginning to feel the effects of war.  While significant battles lie ahead, the color footage shot by amateur and military photographers in this episode focuses primarily on activities taking place behind the battle lines and paints a portrait of military life to show there is more to war

Pacific War in Color: Episode 1 — An Ocean Apart

The Smithsonian Channel has produced another outstanding historical presentation.  The Pacific War in Color is a “must see” for those of us who are interested and involved in the naval history of World War ll in the Pacific Ocean theater.  Consisting of never seen before rare color movies of both the home and professional variety,

Inspiring Innovation

Inspiring Innovation by LCDR Robert Crosby, USN is the first in what is intended to be The John A. van Buren Studies in Leadership and Ethics published by the Naval War College Press. 209 pp., $30.00 “The John A. van Buren studies was established to advance scholarship and publish thought-provoking works of analysis in the

The Shadow Tiger: Billy McDonald, Wingman to Chennault

The Shadow Tiger: Billy McDonald, Wingman to Chennault. by William C. McDonald, III and Barbara L. Evenson Shadow Tiger Press, Birmingham, Alabama, 2016. 313 pp. Ill.  $39.95 Special Hardback Edition, $24.95 Soft-Cover Edition. This new book is one of the most unusually conceived and designed books on any military aviation subject I have seen in

The Defenders of Taffy 3: Analysis and Retelling of the Battle of Leyte Gulf

The Defenders of Taffy 3: Analysis and Retelling of the Battle of Leyte Gulf by Byron G. Como. (2018.)   Reviewed by Charles H. Bogart   This print-on-demand paperback book is destined to be the benchmark against which all future accounts of the struggle of Taffy 3 to survive its encounter with the Japanese Navy