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Battle Briefings: D-Day and the Normandy Campaign

Battle Briefings: D-Day and the Normandy Campaign By David Reisch Stackpole, (2018) 128 pp. $21.95     The historiography of the June 1944 Normandy Campaign, centering on the amphibious assault on 6 June, has been chronicled exhaustively in the literature of military history. Journalist and military historian David Reisch’s entry into the field, his second

British and German Battlecruisers: Their Development and Operations

British & German Battlecruisers:  Their Development and Operations By Michele Cosentino and Ruggero Stanglini. Annapolis, MD:  Naval Institute Press, 2016.       HMS Dreadnought and the Invincible-class battlecruisers transformed naval warfare when they were laid down in 1905 and 1906.  Dreadnought, the first all-big-gun battleship, made previous ships of the line obsolescent if not

NHF Establishes ‘Teacher of Distinction’ Award for National History Day Teachers

NHF Establishes ‘Teacher of Distinction’ Award for National History Day Teachers   Inaugurating a new academic award, the Naval Historical Foundation (NHF) recognized 26 “Teachers of Distinction” in the 2018 National History Day (NHD) nationwide history competition for middle and high school students that concluded June 14 at the University of Maryland. The Foundation awards

Churchill’s Thin Grey Line: British Merchant Ships at War, 1939 – 1945

Churchill’s Thin Grey Line: British Merchant Ships at War 1939 -1945 by Bernard Edwards 2018, Pen & Sword, Havertown, PA. 248 pp., $34.95.     The United Kingdom has always considered its Merchant Marine to be part of its armed forces during wartime. Since time immortal, the White Ensign of the Royal Navy and the

Episode Seven — No Surrender

Episode Seven—No Surrender The series continues with more riveting footage of the Pacific war, some rare and never seen.  The allies are closing in on Japan.  Behind-the-scenes film and the voices of combat veterans leave the viewer feeling the fight. The Philippines are liberated, but the islands are in tatters.  Rarely-seen home movies vividly demonstrate

Controlled Delivery: Covert Operations in the War on Drugs

Controlled Delivery: Covert Operations in the War on Drugs: Volume 1 & Volume 2, Nick Jacobellis, Senior Special Agent U.S. Customs Service (Ret.). 2018, Volume 1, 328 pp. and Volume 2, 347 pp., $13.99 per volume. Within the pages of these two self-published volumes, the author provides a firsthand look at the interdiction by

Pacific War in Color: Episode 4 — The Enemy Underground

Episode Four-The Enemy Underground As Episode Four begins, it’s 1944 and the allies’ war effort is at full throttle.  Better training, increased troop numbers and secure supply lines give the allies the upper hand over the Japanese.  Historic color naval combat films are enhanced by the voices of the men that fought these battles. Departing

Pacific War in Color: Episode 3 — Island Hopping

Episode Three-Island Hopping A bold new strategy, island hopping, unfolds in the Central Pacific theater.  Tarawa is chosen as the first large-scale amphibious assault with this untried strategy.  All participants have been trained, but few have been bloodied.  Rare color film footage takes the viewer behind the scenes as the strategy is developed and implemented,

Pacific War in Color: Episode 2 — Shockwaves

Episode Two-Shockwaves The entire Pacific region is beginning to feel the effects of war.  While significant battles lie ahead, the color footage shot by amateur and military photographers in this episode focuses primarily on activities taking place behind the battle lines and paints a portrait of military life to show there is more to war