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A Memorable Five Star Mess Night

With Covid restrictions finally lifted, the Naval Historical Foundation hosted its third annual Mess Night on Saturday, November 5 at the National Museum of the United States Navy. As with previous Five Star Mess Nights, the event was built around a theme and this year’s centennial of U.S. naval aircraft carriers provided the appropriate occasion

The First Cat Shot

By David F. Winkler, Ph.D.Staff Historian Finally on the morning of Saturday November 18, Cdr. Kenneth Whiting, the executive officer of the USS Langley, climbed into the cockpit of a PT seaplane which was positioned on that trolley contraption connected to the end of the catapult that had been installed on the flying deck of

To the Uttermost Ends of the Earth, The Epic Hunt for the South’s Most Feared Ship
– and the Greatest Sea Battle of the Civil War

By Phil Keith with Tom Clavin, Hanover Square Press [HarperCollins], (2022) Reviewed by John Grady “To the Uttermost Ends of the Earth” is one of the best works aimed at a general audience on the naval aspects of the Civil War. Phil Keith and Tom Clavin have brought back to life one of the most

The Darkest Hour, Volume 1: The Japanese Naval Offensive in the Indian Ocean 1942 – The Opening Moves

By Michał A. Piegzik Reviewed by Charles C. Kolb, Ph.D. Readers won’t confuse this book, just published in the Asia @ War Series No. 31 (Warwick, England: Hellion and Company Limited, 2022) with similar titles: The Darkest Hour by Caroline Tung Richmond (New York: Scholastic Press, 2016) is an espionage novel about women in World

2022 NHF Annual Meeting Read-Ahead Materials

Dear Naval Historical Foundation Board Members: Attached you will find a series of documents to be reviewed prior to our Board Meeting on Saturday, 11 June 20122. We look forward to seeing you virtually and briefing you on the latest developments. You can find information about the Annual Meeting and Leighton Lecture, and how to

2021 National History Day Awards

Two students and seven teachers from around the country were awarded prizes by the Naval Historical Foundation (NHF) for outstanding projects with naval/maritime themes in the annual National History Day (NHD) competition that concluded June 19. Winners of the coveted NHF Coskey Prizes for Naval History were Jessie Henderson of Bradley Central High School in Cleveland, TN,