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Call for Papers: Battle of the Atlantic – 70th Anniversary Conference

Battle of the Atlantic – 70th Anniversary Conference
23-24 May 2013
Naval Regional Headquarters, Liverpool

May 2013 marks the seventieth anniversary of perhaps the major turning point in the Allied victory over the Germans in the Atlantic during the Second World War ‒ the defeat of the Uboats in mid-ocean. The official commemoration in Liverpool over the weekend of 25-26 May 2013 provides the opportunity for a preceding two-day conference on 23-24 May, where the various aspects of the campaign can be remembered, studied, and discussed.

The conference perspective is intended to be broad, covering merchant shipping, docks, ship repair and construction, the air dimension (both land- and sea-based), as well as the surface threat and the Arctic Convoys to Russia. Contributions by transatlantic and other overseas participants will be welcomed and it is hoped to have a special session based on the memories of veterans.

The conference leads on to events in Liverpool over the weekend and tickets will be available for the commemorative service in Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral on Sunday the 25th. The local regional Royal Navy commander has very kindly made his shore headquarters on the river front, HMS Eaglet, available for the event, which is intended to complement the previous weekend’s conference at King’s College London.

Paper proposals should be submitted by 18 January 2013 along with an abstract and brief curriculum vitae to the conference organizers:

Professor Eric Grove <[email protected]>
Robert von Maier, Global War Studies <[email protected]>
Malcolm Llewellyn-Jones <[email protected]>

The conference proceedings will be published as a special issue of Global War Studies.

Visit the conference website to learn more:

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