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War of 1812 Bicentennial Heritage Speakers Survey

Opportunity: Since 1997, the Naval Historical Foundation (NHF) has maintained a list of members who are available to speak to groups on naval historical topics in their areas of expertise.  Many of our speakers are scholars who have conducted research and are widely published.  Other speakers are Navy veterans “who were there” or have strong professional knowledge on a subject. The 2012-2015 Bicentennial of War of 1812 offers an opportunity for NHF to focus that speaker list in support of the Commemorations Division of the Naval History and Heritage Command in conjunction with bicentennial events around the nation.

NH 85543-KN

USS CONSTITUTION vs HMS JAVA, by Anton Otto Fischer (Naval History and Heritage Command NH 85543-KN)

Program Overview: With our current speakers program featured on our website at we typically respond to requests from the Chief of Naval Information or the Naval History and Heritage Command who have been contacted by organizations in need of speakers; or we respond directly to those organizations who reach us first.  We make it clear that our volunteer speakers do not require a speaker’s fee, but that the organization making the request is expected to cover the cost of travel, lodging, and meals where applicable. We don’t rule out the possibility of an honorarium from the organization to the speaker; we just don’t insist on one.  The broader our geographic speaker base, the more requests we are able to support.

The Need: With the emerging requirement to support Bicentennial of the War of 1812-related events during the 2012-2015 centennial years, NHF, in concert with other commemoration partners, proposes to create a specific speaker pool of individuals with knowledge of the many aspects of naval history and heritage related to this critical juncture in the early history of the United States Navy.

Contact Information: No speaker contact information (format below) will be made available to inquirers without the speaker first being consulted.  On the Naval Historical Foundation website and in other promotional materials, we will expand our on line listing to identify your name and the geographic area in which you reside (Northern Virginia, San Diego area, etc.) so that requesters can consider logistical costs (travel, lodging) before asking about your availability.  We will also publish a précis of the topic information you provide to us so requesters can determine which speaker may best address the interest of their audience.

If you are interested in participating in the program please send the below survey information to Dr. David F. Winkler.

By Mail:  Naval Historical Foundation, 1306 Dahlgren Ave SE, Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC. 20374, Attn: Dr. Winkler

By Fax: (202) 889-3565, Attn: Dr. Winkler

By E-mail: [email protected]

Download and Print Speaker Survey Form

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