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Year End Appeal Letter in the Mail

We recently finished mailing our year end appeal letters, which Naval Historical Foundation members should have received by now. Our Chairman, Admiral Bruce DeMars, USN (Retired), and our President, Vice Admiral Robert F.  Dunn, USN (Retired), authored the letters. The letters explain our exciting new focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Math) educational programs. If you think about it, the history of our Navy is also a history of technology. By integrating cutting edge teaching tools such as Mission Ocean and the Exploration Command Console, into a successful educational program that already includes Teacher Fellowships, we will use the history of the U.S. Navy to prepare today’s youth for an exciting future in engineering and science. To learn more about the new educational technology we’re planning to roll out in 2012 at the National Museum of the United States Navy, please read our this update on STEM on our blog.

We’re also proud to continue our 85 year tradition to preserve, commemorate, and educate about naval history. In 2011 we completed construction of the Covert Submarine Operations Exhibit at the Cold War Gallery, and launched a new website to support the Cold War Gallery, at Moving forward into 2012, we’re weighing options on new possibilities for construction in the Cold War Gallery, and hope to have an announcement on that front in the near future. We’re also hard at work in the areas of oral history, art and artifact collection and conservation, publications, book reviews, scholarship support, and collaboration on such efforts as the Navy’s bicentennial commemoration of the War of 1812.

All of our efforts are supported by the generous donations of our members and friends. To make a contribution, we ask that you please visit our GiveDirect website, using the button below. If you’re not already a member, and are interested in joining, you can also do so through this same GiveDirect link, by selecting the appropriate category of “New Membership” under the “Program Area” menu.

We thank those who have supported and continue to support our mission, and with your help, we look forward to a successful 2012!

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