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Limited Copies of THE NAVY Re-Release Now Available

TheNavyBookSaleThe Naval Historical Foundation is pleased to announce the re-release of THE NAVY, the white hard-covered coffee table book published by Rizzoli International Inc.

The original 2000 edition of THE NAVY, with over 300,000 copies in print, was one of the most successful books of the military coffee table book genre.  Yet the content quickly became outdated following the events of September 11th and the Navy’s subsequent involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to updating the Navy’s history through 2013, the book features updated illustrations showing the latest ships, aircraft, weapons systems, and Sailors performing their service to the nation.  Rear Admiral William J. Holland, USN (Ret.), the editor and chief of the original book, has skillfully incorporated the needed changes to keep this edition current as a primer to the world’s most potent navy and how it became that way.

The Naval Historical Foundation has received a limited amount of this volume for sale in the Navy Museum Store. Copies may be obtained by visiting the store or order online HERE.

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  1. AVCM Robert H. Gallagher USN Ret

    I have an interest in Captain Edward R. McCall USN 1790-1853 awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in the War of 1812, by taking command of his ship, USS Enterprise and capturing the British brig HMS Boxer on 5 September 1813. Capt. McCall is buried in Christ Church Cemetery, Bordentown, New Jersey. His grave marker can no longer be read due to the ravages of time.
    I’m looking to acquire a marker for his grave so that his name and deed will not be lost to history. Any help or direction will be most welcome.
    I could not find any reference to the battle, the ships or the personnel in my copy of the “THE NAVY”

  2. Admin

    Master Chief Gallagher,

    The incident is not included in THE NAVY. If you would like to find more books on the capture, I am more than willing to provide that for you. Please email me at [email protected] for more information.

    As for replacing the marker, our historian Dr. David Winkler recommends you petition the local Bordentown/ Burlington County Historical Societies for a restoration project. Perhaps there is a Veterans Cemetery in NJ that produces markers for recent deceased. His email is [email protected].

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