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2013 Beach Award Presented to USNA Midshipman

Presentation of the 2013 Beach Award. L to R: XXXXX, Captain Todd Creekman, Ingrid Beach, Midshipman First Class Daniel Ziminski, XXXXXXX, XXXXXXX

Professor Richard P. Abels, History Department Chair; Capt Creekman; Mrs. Beach; Midn Ziminski; Dr. Jennifer K. Waters, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Col. Paul D. Montanus, USMC, Director, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences.


On Wednesday, 22 May 2013, Naval Historical Foundation Executive Director Captain Todd Creekman, USN (Ret), traveled to Annapolis for the presentation of this year’s Captain Edward L. Beach, Jr. Naval History Award. This award is given annually to the U.S. Naval Academy graduating midshipman who has contributed the most to the study of naval and military history. Evaluation for award selection is conducted by Naval Academy history department faculty. Beginning in 2003, the award was named for deceased World War II submariner, noted author, and long-time Naval Historical Foundation Board member Captain Edward L. Beach, Jr.

The 2013 award was presented to Midshipman First Class Daniel Ziminski. In addition to a plaque and a copy of the recently published Foundation book In Their Own Words: The Navy Fights the War of 1812 (authored by Vice Admiral George Emery, USN (Ret)), Ziminski was awarded a Lifetime Membership in the Naval Historical Foundation. Accompanying Captain Creekman and presenting a copy of her husband’s autobiography Salt and Steel to Ziminski was Mrs. Ingrid Beach, widow of Captain Beach.

Ziminski, a native of Corvallis, Oregon, will be training as a Marine Corps aviator following his graduation this week. His papers and projects included a study of insurgency during the time of the Roman Empire, and the culture of the Greek martial society.


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